SuperZu offers a world of fun and stimulation for little ones. We have a big, clean and fully enclosed Toddler and Babies area for children up to 3 years old.

The area is full of great interactive activities including:

  • “Catch the Balloon” chamber
  • Air balls and ball pit
  • Climbing structure
  • Slides
  • Ride on rocking animals
  • Soft play cushions and animals
  • Large “Lego” style blocks for construction
  • Educational and interactive puzzle walls

The Toddler play area is surrounded by cafe’ tables and chairs so you can keep a watchful eye over your children as they play.


SuperZu has a separate Parent’s Room complete with:

  • Comfortable armchairs if you wish to feed in private
  • Sink for clean-up
  • Baby change tables and nappy disposal bins for nappy changes
  • Magazines to pass the time

The Parent’s Room is located behind the Toddler Play Area, next to the Toilets.