By entering SuperZu, you agree to be bound by these rules.

  • Everyone who enters the play equipment area must wear socks. This includes adults.
  • SuperZu will not tolerate foul or distasteful language. This is a family environment with children around. Patrons who use foul or distasteful language will be asked to leave the centre.
  • SuperZu has a ZERO tolerance policy for bullying. Any child or adult who is observed bullying another child or adult will be immediately asked to leave the centre. No refund will be provided. SuperZu will note the incident and future attempts to enter the centre may be rejected.
  • SuperZu will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability. Children or adults observed breaching this policy may be asked to leave the centre.
  • No chewing gum or bubble gum is allowed in the centre. Gum makes a mess of our carpet, netting, platforms and equipment. Please dispose of gum in a bin before entering SuperZu.
  • Patrons must follow instructions provided by SuperZu staff members where that instruction is made on the basis of ensuring a safe, secure and respectful environment for customers and staff.

frequently asked questions

Do I have to wear socks at SuperZu?

Yes! You have to wear socks in the soft play areas at SuperZu as it is a health requirement. Socks also provide protection from slide burns to the backs of your ankles and prevent other children from climbing up the slides. If you forget your socks don’t worry! We sell socks at Reception for $3.50.

Can I bring food to SuperZu?

No. For the health and safety of all our guests SuperZu has implemented a strict “No Outside Food Policy” with the exception of bottled water and baby food.

SuperZu offers full Café facilities.  Only food purchased at SuperZu may be consumed here.  We offer an extensive menu to cater to all patrons – Meatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan etc.  We offer traditional café food, as well as many healthy options.  Our menu options are many, and provide good value.

We reserve the right to ask you to remove any food brought into the centre.

Can I take food or drinks into the play areas?

No food or drink is permitted in or around the play areas, or the attractions such as the ride-on cars and animals.  Food and drinks must only be consumed in the Café area.  Staff will ask patrons to remove themselves from the play areas if they have food or drinks in the vicinity.  This is for the safety of all patrons, staff and to protect our equipment.

Can I leave my children at SuperZu and return later to collect them?

No.  Parents, guardians and carers are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times, and must not leave the centre and leave their children unattended.  If your child is attending SuperZu for a birthday party and you wish to leave him / her for the duration of the party, it is your responsibility to ensure that another parent at the party is aware that you are leaving, and that they have accepted responsibility to supervise your child.

SuperZu provides a safe and secure play environment, and our staff do regular walk arounds to ensure that your children are safe.  However, you are ultimately responsible for your children’s welfare.

SuperZu always has a number of professionally trained First Aid Officers on duty.  Should you or your children require First Aid assistance, please engage a member of our Staff.

Can we exit SuperZu and return later?

No, we do not give pass outs.

Does SuperZu have supervisors on Weekends and School Holidays?

Yes!  SuperZu always has experienced, professional and caring supervisors in the play area.  Additionally, SuperZu staff always monitor and do regular walkarounds of the centre to ensure that children are safe.

Can I bring in my own Birthday Cake?

Yes!  However, there is a $10 handling fee on all cakes.  We will serve the cake at your request, and will happily provide plates, spoons and serviettes.

Unfortunately, our freezer space does not allow us to store Ice Cream cakes.  Our apologies.

Is there an age limit to play at SuperZu.

No!  We encourage everyone to get up and enjoy our massive play structures – including parents and carers.  Our own kids especially love it when we play “Hide and Seek” and “Tiggy” with them!  Adults and older children just need to be aware that there are lots of younger children playing, who are vulnerable to being knocked over by rampaging mums and dads!  Please, take care.

While we encourage everyone to play, SuperZu reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the play area if any of the rules are broken.

Note that we do not encourage children under 2 to enter the larger play structures without direct and constant adult supervision.  SuperZu is a BIG world to explore, and if the younger ones get away from you.…well, it’s into the WILD!

Likewise, the minimum age limit to ride on the cars and robotic animals is 2 years.

Our Toddler Area has a great variety of attractions, rides and slides as well as entertaining and educational toys to play with.  Strictly 2 and under in here please.

Can I bring my pram to SuperZu?

Yes, of course.  However, for the safety and comfort of other patrons we would encourage you to bring a more compact stroller if possible.  While at SuperZu, your pram or stroller is your responsibility.

Do you have a parents room or facility to do nappy changes?

Yes, SuperZu has a dedicated Parent’s Room near the Toddler Play area.  The room has a microwave for sterilizing bottles and heating baby food, as well as a sink for preparation and clean up.  The Parents Room has a Baby Change Table, nappy disposal bin and comfortable couches if you prefer to feed in private.