Party Rooms

No other play centre in Australia offers the detail, excitement and all encompassing experience that is a birthday party at SuperZu. Our rooms are not just painted – they are fully themed works of art, complete with hand painted images and 3D elements. Your children will feel like they have been transported to another place and time!

Are you ready to host the greatest kids party ever, without all the hassle of preparation, serving and clean-up?  Then check out our Party Package offerings and book it in!

The Icicle Room

Enter this stunning frozen world and celebrate your birthday with the ice princesses.  Be surrounded by stunning ice sculptures and party under the ice crystal chandelier.  Have a snowball fight and ride the snow sled.

If you look around, you might find a cheeky snowman poking his head in for a look too!

The Dinosaur Room

Travel back in time, millions of years ago when ferocious giant lizards ruled the world.  Walk amongst the gentle giants like Diplodocus, but watch out for the most terrifying Dinosaur of them all – the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  He just might eat your lunch!

The Knights & Dragons Room

Yours is the most important role in the Kingdom.  Be Knight for a day and protect your King! With your fellow brave Knights and fearless Dragon by your side,
you are sure to triumph in battle.

The Jungle Room

Be King of the Jungle in this fantastic world full of wild animals.  Leisurely lions, cheeky monkeys, slithering snakes, beautiful butterflies, dancing dragonflies – you’ll think you’ve landed in the Amazon!  Watch out for those monkeys – they’ll steal your cake!

The Princess Room

Be Princess for a day in this beautiful pink castle!  Your hand-maidens will be at your beck and call while you and your friends will be the belles of the ball.  There’s a magical Pegasus outside your window, so make a birthday wish and it is sure to come true.

And remember, in the Princess room, “there’s no such thing as too much bling!”

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